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In my humble opinion, it's all the same: Jesus, Buddha, or Plants - whatever your sense of divinity, the spirit, being a humanist, or god ... is legit. I don't believe in any separation or monotheistic entity ( besides Godzilla) but it's about a connection to this moment, this life, this second - which in turn is something larger then our daily "problems." But, like any relationship it ebbs and flows, comes and goes.

This blog is inspired by the daily quotes from folks at gratefulness.org and informed by teachings, most which have come via Shambhala Publications, Pema Chodron, Metropolitan Community Church, Matthew Yee, Larry Yang, The Daily Guru, and many years ago I did my time in Al Anon.

Everyone comments on my voice. When I sing or speak people react with comfort or pleasure. A gift that's not about me (seriously, what did "I do" to get it? literally come out kicking and screaming!), but about putting a little hope and joy out in the tsunami of the daily stream of bad news.

Enjoy. Download. Share. Be kind. Do someone else a good turn today - if only because it will make you feel better.

- Nameste.